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Lost? The Compass Necklace helps you find your way on the road to sucess and dreams. Find your way today.

Find Your Way Compass Necklace

Stylish and Modern. The Round Compass Necklace will make everyones head turn. Its minimalistic and compliments everything in your closet guaranteed. Forget the over excessive jewelry pieces. The suttle, yet exclusive, meaningful pieces are the new it.

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8 0 1 2 Round Compass Soul Pendant (Men Necklace)

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Guide Your Soul

Wear this compass pendant as a reminder to follow your heart, dreams, and goals. As men we often can get side tracked and fall to temptations that don’t serve us.

Wear this compass pendant as a guide to navigate and steer away from those distractions that destroy us.

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How do you follow your soul?

8 0 1 2’s

7 Secrets to Living the Life Your Soul Craves
  1. Listen to the call of your soul. ...
  2. Be willing to do what others will not. ...
  3. Trust your intuition. ...
  4. Give yourself permission. ...
  5. Know that you are worthy. ...
  6. Let go of the how. ...
  7. Trust the process and your path.

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Our clients include many celebrites from Polo G, Cardi B, Wiz, Justin Bieber, A$AP Rocky, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony  etc. We have worked privately for years and now we are bringing our designs to the public.

What Are We All About?


WE DONT SELL JEWELRY, Instead we sell style and confidence in jewelry form. Hence our super affordable prices.


Our proprietary plating technique powerfully binds real gold to our base metals. Gold plated, vermeil and solid gold pieces all look and feel the same.

Any Guarantees?

Made in Asia, and Designed in Los Angeles, & New York, our quality is unmatched. Which is why we are offering a life time guarantee on all our products. Order once, and never have to pay for that one again.

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